Brian Duffell

Brian Duffell, '97

After a successful rugby career at Xavier High School, culminating in winning a National Championship, Brian "Woody" Duffell earned a starting position on the FURFC's A side as a freshman. His experience as a first year Red Rugger, his finesse and his flair were assets not often seen in young tight five players. He eventually moved to #8 where he put his quick hands and feet, and athletic skills to better use. He emerged as a team leader both on and off the field.
He menaced opposing scrum-halves and fly-halves with crushing tackles and disruptive takeaways. He punished opposing players with hard charging attacks, opening the field up for the back line. Despite his commitment to maintaining possession and doing the "dirty work," he was the team's leading scorer in his senior year.

Perhaps his greatest contribution to the club was his leadership through a difficult period. After the abrupt departure of the team's coach in his sophomore year, Brian recruited two top level coaches to take over the reins of the FURFC and continue it on its path to New England rugby success. As club President in his junior year, Brian helped negotiate with the University to ensure the FURFC maintained its place in the pecking order when the use of all facilities, including Grauert Field, were under pressure from both University and Fairfield Prep.

Career highlights include:
  • FURFC Club President - 1996
  • 4-year A side forward
  • Team's leading scorer - 1997
  • Helped cement the club's legacy by ensuring continued use of Grauert Field and other University facilities.