Bruce Klastow

Bruce Klastow, '71

An outstanding Fairfield rugger for four years, Bruce was known throughout his career for his versatility as a forward, his physical play and his powerful presence around the field. He was an A side second row player for several years, including a key role in the "engine room" of the 1968-69 pack. He played much bigger than his 6'2, 200 lb. frame. Bruce was a stalwart of Fairfield's strong forward packs for three straight years.

After graduation, Bruce played for the Essex RFC for four years, being selected to represent the New York Met Union in 1974 as an undersized but extremely valuable second row player. He spent most of his club career as a flanker but had the ability to play in the first or second row, as well as in the backs as a center or fullback. He was what his foreign competitors referred to as "an all-around footballer." He was recognized by his Fairfield teammates when he was awarded the Doug Ciacci trophy in 1971; his Essex teammates named him Captain in 1973 and 1974. His skills, determination and toughness made him one of the top players to come out of Fairfield in its first 25 years.

Career highlights include:
  • Doug Ciacci Most Valuable Player - 1971
  • Captain Essex RFC - 1973, 1974
  • Represented New York Met Union - 1974