Colin Kiley

Colin Kiley, '71

Colin began his rugby career with the FURFC as a junior. He grew into an outstanding second row, lock forward almost immediately upon taking up the game. He utilized his size and strength along with his quarter miler speed to quickly become a cornerstone of the Fairfield University A side.

It was his career after Fairfield that makes him one of the University's most accomplished ruggers ever. Colin had a 10-year playing career with Met Union First Division team Essex RFC where he was a captain and two-time Most Valuable Player. He moved to national powerhouse Old Blue where he continued an outstanding club career for another seven years. He played representative rugby at the highest levels of the country including numerous matches as a United States Eagle trialist from 1978 through the early 1980s. During a nine-year period, he represented the New York Met Union, Eastern Rugby Union - North and the ERU more than 40 times. Highlighted appearances include matches against the French National Team and English club powers Sale and Gosforth.

Colin's coaching career was equally distinguished. He coached Old Blue and was a long running coach of the New York Met Union, the Eastern Rugby Union - North and several other select sides. He finished his coaching career by winning three National titles as a Northern Rugby Union Developmental Side coach, part of the United States Eagles Developmental Program. At an Eagles dinner in 2008 he was named New York Met Union coach emeritus. In 2018, Colin was elected to the Fairfield University Athletic Hall of Fame. He was formally inducted on Nov. 17, 2018.

Career highlights include:
  • Outstanding player and coach at the senior club, New York Met Union and Eastern Rugby Union levels.
  • Two-time Essex RFC Most Valuable player
  • US Eagle trialist
  • Ferocious competitor at every level of play