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In Memoriam
To our brethren who have left us 

A gossamer breeze glides across the emerald carpet,

with blades of grass as sentinels stand upon the rugby pitch;


An azure sky spreads like an angel’s wings,

to bind the heavens with the mortal fabric of this earth;


The ruggers stalwart fusion melds

alliegance to friendships forged upon the field of play;


Ever to believe with whimsical fancy,

that time will not brandish its intemperance;


But these our halcyon days of mirth and scrums;

awaken to the somber reality which never ceases to be;


Like the tremors of autumnal leaves which

crack as a clarion to the somber moods of winter;


The present falls into memories;

as our hearts are rendered frail and shattered with our tears;


For we have lost a Rugger;

and the pitch a sadder place upon which to trod.


God speed and God rest , oh fallen Rugger;

Upon a safer, warmer field of dreams.



This poem was first written by Robert "Gimp" Sullivan '65  to honor the memory of  his friend & teammate John P. Sullivan '65 (Red Rugger '63-'65). It will now honor the memory of all Fairfield Ruggers who have left us. Please send us the names & class year of those who belong here and click on this link for the current list.

Pictured: left to right are Bob Beauregard, John Sullivan (RIP), Jeff Campbell - all class of '65