Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell, '65

A member of the original 1963 team, Jeff was a high school athlete from Long Island who became the main lock forward in the scrum. He quickly learned the skills of scrummaging, lineout play and rucking and mauling. He played a key role in the team's early success. The highlight of that first season was Fairfield's appearance in the prestigious New York Seven-A-Side tournament at Van Cortlandt Park. Along with Doug Ciacci and Al Sullivan, Jeff helped lead the team through to the tournament finals, losing to a powerful Old Blue side. Fairfield's finish in that initial season set the team on a path of growth and success and it has never looked back.

Jeff's' accomplishments after graduation are extraordinary: service in the 82nd Airborne, an M.B.A from Columbia and an illustrious career as a business leader including stints as CEO of Burger King and Chairman of the Pillsbury Restaurant Group. But it's his commitment to Fairfield Rugby that sets him apart. In the 1980s he established the Ciacci-Pascale Scholarship Fund, helping many student athletes at Fairfield earn their degrees. That fund continues to grow and in 2016 was redirected for the recruitment of superior student candidates who are also top-flight rugby players. One of Fairfield Rugby's "originals," Jeff remains one of our most accomplished and committed alumni.

Career highlights include:
  • A leader of the 1963 original team.
  • A standout performer in the club's first-ever tournament, the New York Seven-A-Side - 1963
  • Established the Ciacci-Pascale Scholarship Fund and provided continued support over the years.