Play Rugby at Fairfield University
Recruitment and Scholarship

Learn about the many benefits of playing rugby at Fairfield University. In its more than fifty year history, Fairfield Rugby has built a powerful legacy of excellence on and off the field.  Our players, coaches, administrators and alumni field a formidable team in support of the program - and each other.

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Director of Rugby

Thomas B. "Oakie" O'Connor ’75 - One of the most respected and beloved ruggers in FURFC history, "Oakie" began his rugby career as a freshman in 1971 and played on some of the best teams in FURFC history. He played flanker for the Essex RFC and later with the Connecticut Yankees. He was the FURFC head coach from 2004-2007, during which time his teams won 30 games.

The Director of Rugby is responsible for the growth, development, and well being of the Fairfield University Rugby Club Program. He works collaboratively with Fairfield's rugby coaches, student team leaders and the wider rugby community to ensure that the University earns a reputation as a preeminent rugby school where the sport plays a key part in nurturing the Jesuit principles of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to develop top flight DIA men’s teams and DII women’s teams that compete for championships while maintaining the inclusivity for all players at any level that has been the hallmark of the FURC since our beginning in 1963. "Oakie" can be reached at

Meet Our Coaches

Fairfield has actively pursued top level coaches with outstanding credentials on an international level.  Players can hone their skills and elevate their game with the insight and experience only such professional coaching can provide.

Austin Ryan
- Head Coach Austin Ryan joined the Fairfield Men’s Rugby Club in 2019. His background at Fairfield Preparatory College and Marquette University prepared him for a victorious coaching career with Fairfield. He believes that rugby is the purest team sport in which anyone who wants to work hard enough physically and mentally is rewarded. Email Coach Ryan at
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Marc Downes - Bringing a wealth of experience playing in both the U.S. and internationally, Marc has been coaching the Fairfield Rugby Club since 2010. Email Coach Downes at
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Jack Wallace - The head coach Fairfield U's Women's Team coach since 2015, Jack has extensive playing experience throughout New England. Email Coach Wallace at 
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Eric Anahory - Eric has been coaching Fairfield U’s Women’s team since fall of 2016. A 2015 Hall of Fame inductee for the Village Lions RFC of New York, Eric’s goal is to pass down his passion for the sport to a new generation of players. Email Coach Anahory at
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