Paul I. "PID" Davis

Paul I. "PID" Davis
Moderator, History Professor, Friend

Over his 22 years as the moderator of the Fairfield University Rugby Football Club, Paul I. "PID" Davis influenced hundreds of young ruggers, interfaced with the university as was needed from time to time, and exhibited a commitment to the game and to the spirit of camaraderie among club members that remains an enduring cornerstone of Fairfield Rugby.

Paul became moderator of the club in the fall of 1968, a position he held consecutively until 1989. While he respectfully let the club conduct its day-to-day operations independently over the years, PID was always available to help the ruggers understand the "big picture." He guided individuals and teams in the art of keeping alive the club's culture and rich history. He did so with humility, perspective and wisdom that guided Red Ruggers in becoming better teammates and, ultimately, better people.

From the beginning PID loved and supported the club's philosophy of emphasizing teamwork over individual stardom and contribution more than victory. Above all he encouraged loyalty - to the club and to each other.

Paul I. Davis was inducted into the Fairfield University Athletic Hall of Fame in 2003. He was the second member of the Rugby Club to be so honored. When he passed away in 2008, former players from four decades returned to honor the man who they knew as the keeper of the rugby torch. Unquestionably, PID's greatest achievement as a rugger was the lives he touched and the guidance he provided over his years with the FURFC.