Paul I Davis – 1968-1969

The following conversation with long time club supporter and moderator Dr. Paul I. Davis occurred on the eve of the 45thanniversary of the Fairfield University Rugby Club. An oral history, it captures the late Dr. Davis’ historical knowledge and perspective of the rugby club. The interviewees include former players and long time club supporters Mark […]

Doug Ciacci, Co-Founder

Fairfield Memories: Doug Ciacci He was enthusiasm incarnate. Whether it was yelling for us to “Rally!” outside our rooms at the Bridgeport Motor Inn in the wee hours of the morning during the 1964 Dogwood Festival (that’s him on the far right of the table looking directly into the camera), or telling us that we […]

The Beginning – 1963

The Gimp Remembers: Fairfield Rugby 1963 It was a dark and windy night… No! That was the start of Snoopy’s novel. Let me recall the nascent days of the Fairfield Rugby Club’s auspicious inception and birth; growing from a toddler; forged on the anvil of a most unique esprit de corps, and emerging from the […]

Lt. Hans Grauert Memorial Field – 1969

On November 3, 1967, Lt j.g. Hans H. Grauert, a Naval Aviator, launched off the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV-64) on a combat mission in his A-3 Skywarrior in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War, and was lost at sea. Hans was the son of Dr. Hans and Leila Grauert of Rochester, NY, […]

First Season – Fall 1963

At the start of the 1963 Fall semester, many members of the classes of 1964-1967 were lamenting the lack of any contact sport at FOO U. One afternoon, after a game of flag football by the campus pond, I asked if anyone would be interested in playing a game of tackle football… yeas, OK’s and […]