1970s Ruggers

Below is a listing of the full, mostly unedited interviews produced by Chris Galvin ’72 for the 50th Anniversary commemorative DVDs. They include all of the interesting FURFC history and stories that did not fit into the final 50th DVD set. The interviewees did a great job of representing hundreds of Red Ruggers, all part of a rich history and tradition we can savor with pride. Thank you, Chris!

Early 70's Red Rugger Memories

Tim McEndy ’73 and John O’Neill ’71 give separate interviews, followed by Kevin Regan ’72, John Langan ’69, Bill Connolly ’69 & Jeff Sylva ’71 in bull session at White Horse Tavern, all in honor of FURFC 50th Anniversary. (16:11 minutes)

Bruce Klastow ('71) and Joe Sindt ('70) discuss Fairfield Rugby in late 60's

Bruce Klastow ’71 and Joe Sindt ’70 share memories of Fairfield University Rugby Club during the late 60’s in honor of its 50th Anniversary. (18:56 minutes)

Bob Murphy ('71) on Fairfield Rugby

Bob Murphy ’71 shares his memories of Fairfield University rugby in honor of the club’s 50th Anniversary. (18:51 minutes)

Paul Flanagan, Chuck Dombeck, Bob Murphy look back at rugby 1967-71

Paul “Buddha” Flanagan ’71, Chuck Dombeck ’71 and Bob Murphy ’71 recall Fairfield U. rugby, the games, the parties, the tours, hosting the Welsh, and, of course, the songs. (20:20 minutes)

Memories of Fairfield U. Rugby in early 70's

Pete Ferrara, John Kinney, Dan Sciarra and Tom Feranda, all ’73 grads, swap stories of playing rugby at Fairfield in honor of FURFC’s 50th Anniversary. (31:15 minutes)

Gene "Red" Fabbri and Tom O'Connor on playing Fairfield Rugby

Red Fabbri ’75 and Tom “Oakie” O’Connor recall playing rugby at Fairfield University, remember Paul I. Davis and Kevin Manley, and sing Allouette in honor of FURFC’s 50th Anniversary. (25:11 minutes)

Tom Damato and Bob Deerin on Fairfield University Rugby

2 separate interviews in honor of FURFC’s 50th Anniversary. First, Tom Damato ’73 recalls his reasons for joining and staying with the rugby club followed by Bob Deerin ’73 sharing his thoughts on Mike Kenefick and his own rugby memories. (17:31 minutes)

Kurt Schlichting interviewed on Fairfield rugby

Dr. Kurt Schlichting ’70 looks back at Fairfield University rugby on its 50th Anniversary, including the ’69 upset of Old Blue and the Hans Grauert Memorial Field dedication. (11:09 minutes)

George P. Hemmer, Jr. '71 and George P. Hemmer III '98

Two generations of Hemmers, George P. Jr. ’71 and George P. III 
’98 recall the undefeated ’98 team, tours overseas, the Grauert Field controversy and which of the two was better. (29:20 minutes)