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6 Nations and Fairfield Rugby –the perfect combination!
Join local alumni for a fun day out. Watch top international rugby and have a pint or two. Q&A with Director of Rugby and current officers.

Beat those winter blues and support Fairfield Rugby’s continued success.

Latest News

Spring 2023 Schedule

Rugby is back this spring with a full line up of competitive matches and tournaments. Browse the men’s and women’s schedules below and join us

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Hall of Honor

The Fairfield University Rugby Club was founded in the Fall of 1963. From its inception, the FURC has proved to be an embodiment of Jesuit ideals, a consistently competitive athletic club and an integral part of University life. The Hall of Honor is a living history of the FURC. It tells the story of the Club, its players, administrators, leaders, teams and friends. It does so by focusing on individuals and teams that have helped build a reputation as an influential campus institution and a rugby club widely recognized for its overall excellence.

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Visit Fairfield University’s club sports website to see the men’s and women’s regular season schedules, rosters, match reports, news, and more.

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