Hall of Honor

Mission and Purpose of the Fairfield University Rugby Club Hall of Honor

The Fairfield University Rugby Club was founded in the Fall of 1963. From its inception, the FURC has proved to be an embodiment of Jesuit ideals, a consistently competitive athletic club and an integral part of University life. The Hall of Honor is a living history of the FURC. It tells the story of the Club, its players, administrators, leaders, teams and friends. It does so by focusing on individuals and teams that have helped build a reputation as an influential campus institution and a rugby club widely recognized for its overall excellence.

Membership in the FURC Hall of Honor

Induction into the Fairfield University Rugby Club Hall of Honor (HOH) is eligible to all former FURC players, coaches, administrators and friends who have met certain criteria outlined in this document. Individuals meeting this criteria will be assessed and vetted for membership by a nominating committee appointed by the board of the Friends of Fairfield Rugby (FOFR). Incoming members will be announced at the Rugby Fest Homecoming in October as part of the Alumni and Family weekend at the University.
Outstanding teams will also be included in the HOH. General criteria for measuring outstanding teams is also included.

Criteria include:

FURC Players – Men & Women

  • Outstanding career as a playing member of the FURC.
  • Participation for four years will be weighted more heavily than for three years; three years more than two years, etc. Number of games played may be considered criteria as well.
  • Demonstrated leadership on and off the field as a player, Club officer, captain, local union representative, etc.
  • Recognized by coaches and peers as a Ciacci award winner, Grauert award winner, or other Club or outside honors.
  • Outstanding overall contributions in various ways to the FURC.


Career and Rugby after Fairfield

  • Outstanding career as a Club player, coach, organizer, leader, etc.
  • Selection as a representative player, coach, selector, officer, etc. The higher the level of Rugby, the heavier weighted the accomplishment.
  • Consideration for any record set, outstanding recognition or any outstanding rugby achievements, contributions, etc.



  • University moderators, coaches, other administrators who have made outstanding contributions in support of the FURC.
  • Other friends and benefactors of the FURC whose contributions to the Club are notable and extraordinary.



  • Outstanding won-lost record which should/must be among the top 20% in school history
  • Consideration will be given to the level of competition that the team played
  • Other contributions to University life


Remember, we are looking for the most deserving individual ruggers and FURC teams and supporters…representatives from men’s and women’s teams from all eras. Deserving candidates need not excel in all criteria…rather enough to be worthy of entrance into the HOH.

Hall of Honor Committee

  • Kate Welzel, Class of 2020
  • Nicole Fede, Class of 2016 (Co-chair)
  • Anif McDonald, Class of 2016
  • John Sullivan, Class of 2013
  • Emily Barrett, Class of 2012
  • Jeff Littell, Class of 2008
  • Mike Lee, Class of 2003
  • Regina Flynn, Class of 2002
  • Colleen Grinnell, Class of 2000
  • Pat Boyle, Class of 2000
  • Dave Smith, Class of 2000 (Co-chair)
  • Brian McCloskey, Class of 1995
  • Tom Kramer, Class of 1993
  • Mike Fox, Class of 1986
  • Hugh Tuomey, Class of 1983
  • Tom O’connor, Class of 1975
  • Chris Galvin, Class of 1972
  • Jeff Campbell, Class of 1965