50th Anniversary

Did you attend the 50th Anniversary Bash???
Please send us your photos!

Here are photos taken by a professional we hired. Photos taken by attendees will be posted soon.

Share your celebration experiences with your fellow ruggers. Send your photos to Bart Franey (bartfraney@gmail.com) and we’ll post them here for all the world to see. Please include the identities of the people in your photos, and anything else you think we should know about them.

Galleries below (Photos by Jean Santopadre):

  • 10/4/13: AT THE NAUTILUS (aka the Sea Grape) –  A private party for Red Ruggers 1964-1979 and their guests – Thanks to Thomas Damato, Class of ’73, for organizing this event. 
  • 10/5/13: DRESSED UP TO GET MESSED UP – 50th Anniversary Rugby Games