1980s Ruggers

Below is a listing of the full, mostly unedited interviews produced by Chris Galvin ’72 for the 50th Anniversary commemorative DVDs. They include all of the interesting FURFC history and stories that did not fit into the final 50th DVD set. The interviewees did a great job of representing hundreds of Red Ruggers, all part of a rich history and tradition we can savor with pride. Thank you, Chris!

Rob King on Fairfield Rugby at 50

Rob King ’80 takes a look back at Fairfield University rugby on its 50th Anniversary and discusses playing the sport, his service as president of the club, his work on the board of USA Rugby, Fairfield’s hosting prowess, and PID. (21:11 minutes)

Chris Moore, Dennis Haylon, Pat McKeon recall Fairfield rugby in the early 80's

Chris Moore ’81, Dennis Haylon ’81 & Pat Mckeon ’81 talk about Fairfield University Rugby on its 50th Anniversary and all the ins and outs of running a student organization of more than 60 players. (28:42 minutes)

Pat O'Keefe & Mark Ryan revisit Fairfield rugby in the mid-80s

Pat O’Keefe ’84 and Mark Ryan ’85 take a trip down memory lane in honor of the FURFC 50th. Topics discussed include PID and the 3 A’s, of course, as well as trips, awards, Grauert Field and much more. (37:26 minutes)

Tom White and Bobby Kaps tell tall tales of Fairfield Rugby in the 80's

Tom White ’84 and Bobby Kaps ’85 swap stories and talk about the large numbers of talented players, the democratic nature of the club, Paul I. Davis, and end with a lovely limerick. (30:13 minutes)

John O'Brien and Pete Gavey look back at the late 80's in Fairfield rugby

John O’Brien ’89 and Pete Gavey ’89 cover topics like selections, new players, the 3 A’s, the crowded hill and playing their favorite opponent, Army, in their interview for the FURFC 50th. (22:23 minutes)