2000s Ruggers

Below is a listing of the full, mostly unedited interviews produced by Chris Galvin ’72 for the 50th Anniversary commemorative DVDs. They include all of the interesting FURFC history and stories that did not fit into the final 50th DVD set. The interviewees did a great job of representing hundreds of Red Ruggers, all part of a rich history and tradition we can savor with pride. Thank you, Chris!

Dave Smith '00, Pat Boyle '00, and Rob Stano '00

Dave Smith, Pat Boyle, & Rob Stano (Sparky, Poky and Elmer) recall how rugby helped in their careers, how their late coach Sean Lagano (9/11) inspired them, how they handled the Field Controversy and witnessed 2 wise-guy Prep footballers get their clocks cleaned. (25:39 minutes)

Colleen Grinnell (Paull) '00

Colleen Grinnell (Paull) ’00 interview for FURFC 50th Anniversary, recalling early women’s history, beach games, their early uniforms and unique rugby patch, as well as library cocktails and the president’s toilet. (12:09 minutes)

Mike Lee '03

Mike Lee ’03 explains why the spring season was better than fall, how the Spring 2002 team, including Brad Troup, was so incredibly good, why he loved senior selections, and provides other highlights of the early naughts. (23:15 minutes)

Michelle Keenan '04

Michelle Keenan ’04, in honor of FURFC 50th Anniversary, shares memories of learning a new sport, explains how being on the ski team led to rugby, how rugby helped her discover kickball and her husband, and how rugby creates lasting friendships. (15:12 minutes)

Ryan Birge '05

Ryan Birge ’05 talks about his own FURFC playing career, coaching the women’s team, their development and success, and, of course, nicknames. (18:04 minutes)

Bridgette Closter '07

Bridgette Closter ’07 discusses the status of the Fairfieod University women’s rugby team, its relationship with the men’s team, the structure of the club, its social side, and, of course, nicknames. (18:55 minutes)

Matt Gudonis '08, Jeff Littell '08, Mike Kennedy '09, Kevin Tarca '09

Matt Gudonis ’08, Jeff Littell ’08, Mike Kennedy ’09, & Kevin Tarca ’09 gather for the FURFC 50th Anniversary to talk about the brotherhood of rugby, coaches Tom O’Connor and Matt Leonard, nicknames, and the Beast of the East tourney. (12:05 minutes)